Self-owned Brands Sound Bugle of 2.0 Era, BAIC Motor Zhuzhou Branch 2nd Factory Put Into Operation

                    Date:06 May 17

                    The 2nd Factory of BAIC Motor Zhuzhou Branch completed all construction on 6 May 2017, marking BAIC Motor sound the bugle to step into the 2.0 era. The brand new BAIC Senova D50 will also be born from here to soar in the skies.

                    Mr Du Jiahao, Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Mr Xu Dazhe, Governor of Hunan Province, Mr Zhang Jianfei, Vice Governor of Hunan Province, Mr Mao Tengfei, Secretary of Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee, Mr Yang Weiguo, Mayor of Zhuzhou and other provincial and municipal leaders as well as Mr Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group attended the completion ceremony and witnessed the historic moment.

                    Mr Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group mentioned in his remark that "the 2nd Factory of the BAIC Motor Zhuzhou base will play a positive role in creating a new model for cooperation between Beijing and Hunan and in boosting the new industry in Zhuzhou. The new BAIC Senova D50 cars that are just off assembly lines here are dream works that we created on this innovative land. In future, with strong support from the Zhuzhou base, we will use the transformation ideas of building up service-type and innovative-type enterprise, to fully promote the D50 cars and other BAIC Motor series to renew continuously and to push our self-owned brands to evolve into the 2.0 era."

                    Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group

                    Standard Digital Production Creates New Self-owned "Carrier" from Zhuzhou


                    Zhuzhou Branch is BAIC Motor’s first self-owned brand passenger car base, officially put into construction in September 2009 and the first period construction for the 1st Factory only took 18 months from zero to completion. Now the 1st Factory has reached the annual production capacity of 200,000 complete cars and 100,000 engines, the cumulative output nearly 800,000 units.

                    As one of major projects of Hunan Province, the 2nd Factory is BAIC Motor Zhuzhou Branch’s standard planning and construction that benchmarks the "Made in China 2025" action, covering an area of 1.167 million square meters. With the "Green · Quality · Intelligence" strategic core, the 2nd Factory owns four processing workshops for stamping, welding, painting and assembly respectively, and is capable of production for four platforms’ models. The 2nd Factory has the annual production capacity of 300,000 complete cars and 200,000 engines and BAIC Motor Zhuzhou Branch is expected to become the largest automobile manufacturing base in Hunan province once the 2nd Factory were put into full production.

                    Completion Ceremony for the 2nd Factory of BAIC Motor Zhuzhou Branch

                    According to reports, the 2nd Factory of BAIC Motor Zhuzhou Branch is an important part of the national independent innovation. Designed and constructed in accordance with smart manufacturing standards, the factory is a newly-built “Smart·Transparent·Interconnected·Green" complete car manufacturing plant. It only took 11 months for Zhuzhou Branch to complete such an overwhelming scientific and tech factory, which once again created the benchmark speed for automotive factory construction in China.


                    New BAIC SENOVA D50 Soar to Open the 2.0 Era


                    The 2.0 era for self-owned brands is upcoming. With this trend, the new BAIC Senova D50 is undoubtedly bearing the strategic responsibility for BIAC Motor to expand territory and also is destined to become a new development coordinate for BAIC Motor Zhuzhou Branch.

                    The new BAIC Senova D50 officially debuted on 19 April 2017 during the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. The new A-Class family sedan combines sport, fashion, style and technology intelligence together and achieves a qualitative leap both in design and configuration with the M-trix 2.0 platform technology advantages, the OFFSPACE design concept and the international design team.

                    The Senova D50’s implements the "Ecological Aesthetics" concept in appearance. The intake grille and headlights blend together, making the front face more domineering and highly recognizable. Inside the car, the console has a new design, the suspended control panel with a large area of wood decoration makes the car more high-end. Leather-wrapped seats, handrails and door panels as well as hexagonal-like decorations on seats increase the interior’s quality. The D50 car is equipped with 1.5L engine and the transmission system is matched with manual and CVT gearbox.

                    New BAIC Senova D50 launched off assembly line

                    It is understood that the off-line and mass production of new BAIC Senova D50 is one of the three key projects of 2017 for Zhuzhou Branch. It is expected that the D50 car will be on sale in the fourth quarter of this year.

                    Beijing and Hunan Together Face Development Height of Future

                    The completion of the 2nd Factory of BAIC Motor Zhuzhou Branch is another milestone in the cooperation and development between Hunan province and BAIC Group. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, BAIC Group continued its investment in Hunan and shaped a high-end industrial base layout that includes passenger car base, commercial vehicle base, component and part industrial park and etc.

                    Hunan province and BAIC Group signed their strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing on 15 March 2017, when both sides expressed they would work together to further promote the automotive industry development in Hunan. The BAIC Motor Zhuzhou Manufacturing Base will support the city to fast-achieve the "Innovation-driven, Transformation and Upgrading" strategic development engine and will certainly become a major growth point for the "Zhuzhou·the Power Valley of China" plan. Meanwhile the Zhuzhou base is also of great significance for the city to create the "100 billion automotive industry cluster" and to facilitate the process of building up a strong manufacturing-capable city, and is essential for the city's automobile industry layout as well.

                    Du Jiahao, Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee (Right) and Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group (Left)

                    Industry Insiders point out that the completion of the BAIC Motor Zhuzhou Manufacturing Base and the offline of new D50 cars both marks the BAIC Motor’s layout in the intelligence sector begins to show effects and gradually widens the path to occupy the development height of the future.

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